School Attendance Biometric System

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  • RFID Attendance/Biometric Software

    • UHF (Ultra High Frequency) portals has to be installed at the school’s common entrance. Students have to pass through the common entrance to get attendance marked. RFID ID cards are issued to students. The RFID Antenna reads the card, marks arrival and departure time of students; at the same time attendance is reported to parents via SMS or E-mail or both.
    • In LF technology Biometric Readers are installed in each classroom or multiple readers are installed at various common locations of the school. The student has to hover the ID card or put a thumb on reader, on arrival to school and before leaving school. Reader registers the card/ thumb impression and attendance gets marked. Teacher can correct the attendance of student.
  • Manual Attendance

    Manual attendance management system registers attendance of students by feeding it on the software. Manual attendance ensures that the;

    • Faculty receives updates of absent roll numbers’ data on a day to day basis on the Attendance Server. SMS or e-mail is sent to parents updating them about student presence or absence.
    • The monthly summary of attendance can be sent to parents or otherwise be uploaded on the Institute’s website.

Accurate Attendance

Proxy attendance and mistakes which are common problems faced in using traditional attendance marking methods are avoided through centralized and accurate monitoring of student attendance


These systems are automated and provides an appropriate way to check-in and check-out into the system by simply scanning fingerprints and do not require any technical knowledge to use the system.

Increase Efficiency

Biometric systems not only eliminate mistakes related to tracking attendance data but also speed up data authentication which reduces administration time and creates efficiencies.

Saves Time

Biometric student attendance management systems record attendance in a very few seconds. Avoids the need to maintain books and marking attendance manually and hence saves a lot of time of teachers in writing entries and rectifying attendance data errors faced in traditional methods.

Security & Privacy

A Biometric sensor captures and scans a fingerprint, converts it to computer code and stores the information in a database making it impossible to duplicate the original image for fraud purposes for later verification and validation of a particular employee or student. It uses strong encryption methods to protect a database to increase student privacy

School attendance system

school attendance system is a realistic software application that is used by school administration or teachers to keep track of students. In school attendance system, students need to punch in while entering class/school to enroll their attendances automatically and therefore no student can proxy for other students. Various companies offer various school attendance systems. Another attractive and convenient feature of school attendance system is online grade book system, where teachers can enter grades from home and can print report card just with a click.

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