Secured Document Printing

You can print out documents (print data) that have been assigned a password and sent to this machine from a computer. Documents with a password are called “secured documents.”
Secured documents sent to this machine are displayed with a locked document icon in the job list in the touch panel display, and are queued for printing. To print these documents, you need to enter the correct password. This prevents unauthorized people who do not know the password from printing or accessing the documents.
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  • Software
  • Specialty Inks and Toners
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Technopro DVS Software

Our secure DVS platform is designed to add personalized data on demand, layered security to a documents and records. Today a large number of companies are relying on preprinted security forms to protect their high value documents. Because preprinted security forms are being tampered, instead of replacing preprinted security forms, Technopro DVS platform allows companies to incorporate the platform into their existing process. Technopro DVS helps to secure this data by adding personalized security features to each print file before it is routed to the printer, offering an additional layer of security and helping to create unique and secure documents.

Technopro Secure Ink

Technopro Standard UV Ink & Toner solutions appears black to the naked eye, but fluoresces under a UV verification light. Providing a simple method for level 2 document authentication, this solution allows organizations to validate each document’s originality.

Document Security Printing

TechnoPro combination of software, hardware, and consumables can create a secure printed document. By offering a complete suite of specialty inks and toners, security software, and customized hardware solutions, Technopro helps to provide personalized, on demand, layered security to your printed documents. Secure Printing solutions provided by TechnoPro deliver trust, security and confidence to your documents and to your organization.

TechnoPro Secure Technology, focuses in protecting organizations against document fraud.

We provide technology solutions for the secure production and issuing of high security printed and electronic documents. Our advanced technologies protect documents while safeguarding organization’s brands and reputations.

With our specialist knowledge and extensive experience in the secure document market, we provide our customers with a holistic solution for all of their secure document requirements.

TechnoPro Secure Technologies secure printers are designed to provide maximum security for the secure infilling of secure certificates, transcripts and other secure Documents.

“We offer a wide range of licence and certificate solutions, helping to protect document fraud for both public and private organisations alike.”