Corporate Data Protection

  • Server Protection

    Reliable and easy to use Linux and Windows Server protection

    Server data recovery could take quite a while and be extremely expensive. For how long can your business survive after serious data loss or downtime? Better avoid this problem with our comprehensive server protection for Windows Server Essentials, Windows Server and Linux Server.

  • Workstation Protection

    Protection of a large number of endpoints won’t be a problem anymore.

    Modern endpoint backup is being used to recover from any sort of a breakdown. It doesn’t matter if it’s caused by ransomware, natural disaster or human error – the endpoints have to be protected and there must be a fast way to recover them in case of a breakdown. No matter if we talk about 5 or 5000 devices.

TechnoPro Backup & Restore

Disaster recovery for any IT environment with near-zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Smart Recovery and Smart Virtualization Stick technology.

Building backup infrastructure, doesn’t need to take a large amount of time and money

Technopro Backup & Restore is a comprehensive backup & recovery solution, which offers full protection of all critical data – Single endpoint and Server Machines.

TechnoPro Backup & Restore – Your Best Defense Against Any Downtime

TechnoPro data protection for business

Total data protection, backup and disaster recovery – protect your data onsite and in the cloud – We use Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure Cloud

Consent management

Certain data privacy laws, including the GDPR, require companies to obtain explicit consent from individuals to store or process personal data.

Data blocking

his feature can be used to restrict access to historical, personal data within the retention period, and allows one user role.

Data subject info reporting

Companies store all kinds of personal data on their employees as well as external candidates, from information such as name, address to health data

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