Smart POS System

  • Desktop POS System

    Desktop POS systems run on your computer or laptop, either on your browser, a desktop app, or an on-premises system. You can connect attachments such as barcode scanners, credit card readers, and cash drawers, so it can function just like a typical cash register.

    Desktop POS systems are best used in retail stores that have cash dedicated cash wraps where cashiers ring up sales

  • Mobile POS System

    A mobile POS system or ‘mPOS’ is when a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device acts as the electronic point of sales terminal. All you need to do is attach a credit card reader to the mobile device, turn on your POS software and start ringing up sales.

    One of the biggest advantages of mPOS systems is that they are highly portable and they allow you to quickly ring up sales on the spot.

  • All in One POS System

    There are also solutions that offer both desktop and mobile POS systems. These “all in one” systems cover everything we talked about above, and more. Best suitable for growing and established retailers, this type of POS system typically give you the ability to implement various processes and run multiple stores.

Smart POS is one of the most affordable, proven and reliable enterprise retail solutions available.  Despite being so simple to use, it provides a wide range of functionality including merchandize planning, inventory and allocation, POS, members, promotions, multi-channel support, business analysis and more.
Our solutions helps retailers get back to basics – improving performance, increasing efficiencies and cutting costs, yet can be rapidly deployed to meet the most demanding timescales.
Smart POS provide the following business benefits to retailers:
  • Automate tedious tasks and maximize efficiency
  • Increased sales & profits
  • Better planning & cost on stocks
  • Improve customer service
  • Prevent business loss thru fraud & theft at outlets
  • Data highway & business info anytime anywhere
  • Allow you to grow & expand more outlets!

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